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Dr Seemal Asif


Cranfield University

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Seemal is CU control lead for ATI-funded Airbus project for Module-Positioning (AutoRamp; TRL:5-7). She have 12 years’ experience in academia and 4 years’ experience in industry - Software house (associated with academia). She is an enthusiastic scientist, chartered-engineer and higher-education-academy-Fellow who always look for opportunities to solve problems that help make life easier by working closely with industry to provide them with automated system which not only include expert-human in the loop but also assist the operators with manual handling and precision. She is a strong believer of human in the loop of automation where possible which not only help to reduce automation costs but also provide operators with job satisfaction whilst working safely. Seemal also leads a small research group which comprises MSc IRP students and PhDs. The group has three main aspects Industrial Robotic Path Correction in system integration, Industrial Robotic Imitation Learning and Mobile Robot/Drones coordinated swarm communication. Seemal is Co-Investigator on a £1.3 million EPSRC-funded project (EP/V051180/1, ‘Reconfigurable robotics for responsive manufacture - R3M’) where she is responsible for the architecture of the framework and automation of risk assessment. She is also the part of the strategic team for a £4.8 million EPSRC-funded Made Smarter Innovation  Project (EP/V062158/1), where she is helping to integrate the human factor (psychological impacts) within industrial human robot collaboration. I currently co-manage these projects from Cranfield University (CU) side and look after the research deliverables, providing research direction to Researchers, horizontally collaborating with research partners and developing the architecture for systems.