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Join our 40+ members to gain access to the following benefits:

• Access to the latest scientific knowledge and expertise.

• £100k+ feasibility projects.

• Sandpit events to build project teams.

• Online collaboration space.

• Specialist training courses and workshops.

• Annual partner meetings.

• Partner focused demonstration events.

• Visits and secondments.

• Strategic influence.


Airbus is a global pioneer in the aerospace industry, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopters, defence and space sectors.

With around 134,000 employees, Airbus is the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe and a worldwide leader. Remaining at the forefront of the aviation industry, they build the most innovative commercial aircraft and consistently capture about half of all commercial airliner orders.

Thanks to a deep understanding of changing market needs, customer focus and technological innovation, Airbus offer products that connect people and places via air and space.


Built Environment – Smarter Transformation is the launchpad to a zero-carbon built environment. Providing the connections, infrastructure and culture needed to solve the sector’s most pressing challenges, they bring together world-class academia, government bodies and industry at all levels to future-proof the commercial and environmental road forward for this sector.

As a not-for-profit organisation, BE-ST are connected to over 50,000 businesses, organisations and individuals in the built environment ecosystem, helping them to develop new products, business models and services, access funding streams, explore advanced equipment, create scalable solutions and enhance knowledge and skills.

Cambrian Robotics

Cambrian is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by bringing advanced AI-based 3D vision for collaborative and industrial robot arms. With their cutting-edge technology, Cambrian Vision, manufacturers can automate a broad range of tasks, particularly those that require high precision and accuracy in a dynamic environment

Claromech Limited

Claromech is a small industrial automation company designing and manufacturing bespoke machinery for customers based primarily within Scotland’s Life Sciences sector.

Through participation in this project we hope to provide real life insight from a small OEM and influence the development of products or techniques which may provide a benefit to our business.

Constellium UK Ltd

Fanuc UK Ltd

The FANUC Corporation is a world leader in factory automation for CNC control systems, robots and production machinery (ROBODRILL, ROBOCUT and ROBOSHOT). Since 1956, FANUC had pioneered the development of numerically controlled machines in the automation industry.

With 264 locations supporting 107 countries worldwide and 9,400 employees, FANUC offers a dense network in sales, technical support, research and development, logistics and customer service.

HAL Robotics Limited

HAL Robotics is a London-based software company providing adaptive robotics solutions in manufacturing, construction, and creative industries.

Since 2014, HAL Robotics have been helping clients in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia innovate and get to market faster, by providing them with robust and highly flexible solutions to program, simulate, control and monitor processes involving industrial machinery.

As well as covering traditionally automated processes, we specialise in the programming of complex toolpaths, such as those required in additive manufacturing; highly variable jobs allowing production of small batches and unique items; and applications which require adapting robot tasks from various software ecosystems.

IntelliDigest Limited

IntelliDigest is a purpose driven business on a mission to empower global food sustainability through technology innovation and capacity building. Our solutions are focused on addressing the sustainability challenges faced by stakeholders in the food system from production, distribution and consumption.

IntelliDigest will contribute our insight in the design of robotic AgriFood solutions to the Made Smarter Innovation Smart Cobotics and collaborate with other partners to advance the development of these robotic solutions for wider adoption.

Inovo Robotics Ltd

Inovo Robotics is the only UK based manufacturer of modular cobots. We make automation for batch manufacturing tasks easy. Our intuitive software enables end users, will little of no previous experience of robotics or software programming, to quickly teach the robot to perform repetitive handling and inspection tasks. The modularity allows the robot to be easily repurposed for new tasks that need different payloads and reaches, offering flexibility when business needs and processes change. We also offer integrated simulation tools that make training easy and allow applications to be visualised and de-risked without the need for any physical hardware setup.”

Measurement Solutions Ltd

MSL has an existing portfolio of automated scanning solutions for Quality Control applications. We are supporting this project providing resource and existing expertise utilising hardware and software by Creaform, Universal Robots, Fanuc and Metrolog i-Robot.

RAR UK Automation Ltd

RARUK Automation Limited is the UK’s leading supplier of Collaborative Robots. We will be supporting the project by sharing our extensive experience of delivering low cost, flexible and collaborative robotic solutions to a variety of industries. Our wide range of Cobot solutions, end of arm tooling and application experience will be available for use in feasibility studies as the project identifies industries and processes that are ideally suited for automating.

Scottish Agricultural Org Society (SAOS)

SAOS is a long-established development partner for the farming, fishing, and food sector in Scotland. We are established as a co-operative business owned by 60 food and farming co-ops across Scotland with 20,000 members and >£1bn turnover across all production sectors including red meat, pork, dairy, combinable crops, fruit, and vegetables. We strive to demonstrate solutions-driven leadership with a ‘can-do’ attitude driven by our co-operative values.

We operate across the Scottish mainland and islands offering strategic consultancy, business improvement, feasibility and analytical and training and knowledge exchange services to both our member owners and the wider sector. Our work is driven around a vision to develop and provide solutions for food and farming businesses to improve their competitiveness and profitability, provide them with new business opportunities, and protect them from emergent threats. We operate the multi-species ScotEID livestock trace service in Scotland and are developing new data-driven tools from these datasets for industry benefit.

SAOS’s client base includes member businesses, Scottish Government, enterprise agencies, academic institutions and farming, fishing, and food sector trade organisations.


Sunamp designs and manufactures space-saving thermal storage using patented Phase Change Material (PCM) to make homes and buildings more energy efficient and sustainable, while reducing carbon emissions. Our batteries can be charged with energy from renewable and other sources, and released to deliver hot water, cooling and space heating on demand across different temperature ranges.

Our manufacturing is scaling up. By being part of the Industrial Robots-as-a-Service (IRaaS) project, we see that trialling robotic solutions would benefit the automation of our current and, any future, licensed factories. We aim to contribute with use cases for IRaaS feasibility projects, based on our own experience of manufacturing new products, and join appropriate advisory or project groups. 

Toyota Manufacturing Ltd

Toyota Manufacturing are delighted to collaborate with the IRaaS project to support our vision of transformation from an automobile company to a mobility company.

Through the practical application of innovation we aim to meet our environmental and competitive goals.