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Regulation, Governance & Ethics event was one of a kind!

Regulation, Governance & Ethics event was one of a kind!

Our Regulation, Governance & Ethics workshop held at the University of Dundee on the 12th and 13th March brought together experts, policy makers and stakeholders, making it the first event of its kind to deal with this particular topic (despite the huge importance of these areas to the implementation of current and future technology to the workplace).

Within the 2-day event we had research discussions, talks from renowned international academics and a fascinating Q&A session with an expert panel, allowing delegates to quiz representatives from the Health & Safety Executive, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Scottish AI Alliance.

As well as being able to gain the experts’ insights into how we can safely and ethically benefit from the adoption of smart cobots within the workplace, those who attended also had the opportunity to participate in a frank and open discussion with Mr. Michael Marra, MP for North East Scotland.

It was quickly established that this workshop should be just the first of many to explore the topic of human-robot collaboration from this new perspective, offering a way to ensure that we hear the voices of all – including regulators, law-makers, academics and industrial representatives – when we share ideas and identify what best practice might look like.

Watch this space for future Regulation, Governance & Ethics events to follow on from this – although having had the warmest of welcomes by Dundee’s very own Lord Provost, Mr. Bill Campbell, this city provided a particularly hospitable location that will be hard to beat!!