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Call for Abstracts – Special Issue on The Use and Impact of Virtual Reality

Call for Abstracts – Special Issue on The Use and Impact of Virtual Reality

Dr Tiziana C. Callari, Senior Research Associate for the Smart Cobotics Centre, has been named as Guest Editor for the upcoming Special Issue of the Journal of Workplace Learning: “Unravelling the Power of Virtual Reality for the Future of Workplace Learning and Design. Individual, organisational, and societal considerations.”

This Special Issue seeks to present an overview of the role and application of Virtual Reality (VR) in workplace learning and design, and to outline an agenda for future research in the field. Submissions are invited for original empirical, theoretical, and review papers from various disciplines and backgrounds (e.g., engineering, transport, psychology, education, healthcare, human factors/ergonomics, etc.) that demonstrate the potential of VR to impact individuals, organisations and society at large.

If you have conducted VR research in the following areas, you may like to consider submitting your contribution:

  • VR for soft skills development, team building, health and safety training, and other related topics. 
  • VR’s ability to simulate real-world scenarios, such as training public transport drivers, healthcare staff, military personnel, and more.
  • VR-based organisational interventions that promote workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion while addressing bias and discrimination issues.
  • Evaluation of the impact of VR on employee engagement, retention, and performance.
  • VR for collaborative workplace designs and ergonomic analysis.

Key dates are as follows:

Abstracts Closing: 4th Sept 2023S
Submissions Opening: 4th Sept 2023
Submissions Closing: 4th March 2024

Further information can be found here.